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I downloaded the free app to see if my 3-1/2yr old would even play it, within 20mins I bought the full version. He even told me to go away because he could do it by himself!

2 year old loves!!

I paid to get the full version my 2 year old loved it so much! He picked up on it quick after some trial and errors but loves it!! And the best part it's educational!


My nephew absolutely loves these! Started him on these when he was 18 months and he is learning to build his letters and match pictures. I highly recommend it!

Great for toddlers

Be patient. At first, my daughter just randomly poked at different answers, but after two weeks she is choosing right answers on purpose. She loves it and calls it her game! I would recommend headphones. As a adult the sounds can be annoying--but they're perfect for kids.

Like it

My child likes this game but she loved putting together the animal that went with that letter. Why did it get taken off.


best so far in the toddler game category. Smart, fun, engaging.

Amazing app

My 2 year old loves this game, he freaks out when he cant play it but its an amazing app, I never realized how much he was learning from it but WOW, he came back from his pre school class and they couldn't believe how good he knew his letters, and in turn it kinda blew me away as well, anyhow its a great app and I will definitely be recommending it to my friends with young children, thanks

Good app but....

Great app however the example for U was disappointing. They use the word ugly and then there is a picture of an English bulldog. I have a bulldog so it's offensive to me and my child using the app. She expressed it was a mean thing to say. Not to mention kids should not be taught a hurtful word like that. They could have used a different example.

Preschool perfection.

My twin Granddaughters are a few months shy of 3 years young. I have them in my home 2x a week for preschool and this App is a huge hit. They are excited to use it and the three of us have so much fun learning!! Well worth the very low cost for the full version.

Trustworthy educational app

I got the free version first and my daughter did so well I actually bought it. It's easy to use and does a great job teaching letters and mind solving problems. Well worth the little money it is.

Big help for my toddler

She started learning alphabet and even naming animals too. She easily can solve the puzzle now! I am so happy!

Love it!

My 4 year old absolutely loves this app. He is doing so well with letter recognition now!

A great app

This is a great app for helping the little ones in your family learn the English alphabet. My nephews have used "Alphabet Aquarium School Adventure Vol 1" for only a few days so far and their grasp of the English alphabet has definitely increased quite a bit in that short period of time. I also like the fact that my nephews are captivated by the app's immersive learning experience, allowing me to leave them on their own for a bit.

Perfect learning tool

Could not be happier with my purchase. App not only works great logistically, but my kids love it and in just the few weeks we have had it on our iPad I have seen a huge improvement in their writing skills. The puzzles are great learning tools and my kids can’t get enough of them. Very pleased.

Too cute!

I absolutely love ABC Aquarium. Tons of fun things for kids to do! Definitely worth the price.

Awesome app to learn "ABC's"

This is the best app for children to learn their "ABC's". The best part is that every letter you touch it pronounces so they learn every time they interact with it.

Awesome app

This is a great app. My two year old loves this game. It is very easy to use and is a great learning tool.

Keeps crashing!

I can't even open the app I paid for! Annoying.

Luv it!!!

Great app to teach the alphabets!!!

Love this app

My daughter is 2 yrs old and totally loves this game!!! I love that its child user friendly!!! Awesome game!!!

Really Fun App!

The kids love this app. It has wonderful animation, bright, colorful designs, keeps them learning and entertained for hours.

Great for Everyone

Well, I would say that my little boy loves this app but I can't because I haven't put it down yet myself lol. But, at least he loves watching me play!! He's learning, we're bonding, things couldn't be better! Great app!

Extremely Cute and Lovable

Completely immersive. The children just love the app. You can let the app interact with your child all an just sit back and watch the learning happen. Throughout the entire process you child receives positive encouragement, keeping them entertained while teaching them the alphabet. Would suggest this app for children around 2 or 3. Great Job by the developers.

Fun and educational

I picked up this app to help my little one understand the basic lettering. The fun animations keep his attention and teach him how to draw the letters at the same time. The interface is extremely easy to use and geared for little fingers. My son figures out how to use the app without me having to show him. Thank you for making a fun AND educational app!


I like its step-by-step tasks to help learn letters faster and easier. My kid likes puzzles, sounds and cheering phrases. Definitely, worth its money. Thank you!

Three year old !

My three year old loves this and she learns so fast! I love the fact that the app cheers them on no matter how many times it takes her to get it right! Wonderful app !

2 year old loves it.

My little boy just turned 2 and loves, loves this. He would play this for hours if we let him. Well worth the $ spent. Would have paid so much more for such a great app. Highly recommend!!!

Amazing app

its a cool app for children to play! its not boring, and it also educates. I really liked this app and i recommend it

left nothing more to be desired

very good app for kids. Nothing more to be desired. Gameplay, visual, sound are really awesome

Wonderful app for young ones

This app is wonderful for toddlers to learn their abc's. I love the colors and the games/activities in the app. I feel it can help them learn new words also and even matching shapes. I do love the option of choosing some games not to show especially if you have a child just learning, since some may be too challenging.


my little sister likes this app.

Wonderful App!!!

My son loves this app. The animations are adorable. This is a great way for preschoolers to learn their alphabets. The puzzles are really cute. I also love the picture association with the letter. I would definitely recommend this app.

Great app

This app is great for little ones who are learning their alphabet. It's cute, colorful, and interactive. It doesn't need much by way of improvement. Highly recommended.


Another great 22learn educational app for my little ones! Cute characters, good educational experience and fun for the little ones. Yea for learning!

Nice educational app

Very interactive app. Nice and awesome animation. Very suitable educational tools for children in learning alphabet and nouns. Most recommended.


It's a great app for kids. I recommend it.

Exorcist bear

The app is awesome, except for the bear. How has nobody commented on the exorcist bear?!? The thing's head spins all the way around, it's super creepy. I had to turn the animal feature off because.... Screw that. Also, the voice is pretty creepy too, but after seeing a cartoon bear's head spin all the way upside down, pretty much everything seems scarier. Anyways, please fix the dang bear. Please.


It's a good educational app for kids, they can learn a lot. It's very interactive and fun. Graphics are also quite good, but I think they could be even better.

A is for amazing!

My little cousins loves to play educational games it was a little bit challenging for him in the beginning but now he has the hang of it. Great graphics and tutorial!

Great app!

This is a great app that teaches letter recognition as well as beginning sounds using words and pictures. This is a great app for early literacy! Some suggestions to add (but it's great how it is too) would be after the first puzzle with forming the letters, it can say the "D" makes the "D" (hard to write it, but make the phonic sound) sound. The letters that make more than one sound, you can add that too. At the end, you can add a higher level and have the children find the correct picture out of three to a target letter. Ex. Show the letter "A" with an apple, ball, and dog and they have to match the correct picture.

Another one

This is another app that's a great tool to educate your child in a fun way. Nice graphics and colors.


Another game app that my niece loves to play. She has fun while learning.

Great for kids

My 4 year old loves this app. Seems to make learning fun


This is is very good game for the kids. Nice visuals and wonderful content at an acceptable price.

great app

a must have app if u have young children, great way for them to learn


The app is definitely for educational purposes. It has good graphics and nice overall expirience.


I'm a big fan of these early education apps. Most of them are high quality and this is no exception my grand daughter loves the animations of animals.


A good young person learning app, my niece is a bit advanced for it but my nephew is soon going to be perfecta age.

Well done!

Alphabet Aquarium School Vol 1 is the favorite among the many educational games that I have downloaded for my son.He is also so proud when he solves a puzzle.

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