Alphabet Aquarium ABC App Reviews

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I downloaded the free app to see if my 3-1/2yr old would even play it, within 20mins I bought the full version. He even told me to go away because he could do it by himself!

U is for Ugly?!?!

I like the app, but am not happy with the usage of the word "ugly" for the "U." Also, "U is for ugly" is referring to a dog? There are other words that could have been used. Bad example!

Great app!

My three year old son loves this app and asks to play it often. He is learning his letters quickly, and can associate them with words. The only thing that would make it better might be phonics sounds and songs. Thanks!

Effective for learning ABCs!

My 2 year old cousin is slowly learning her ABCs with this app. She loves the puzzles and animals. Its a much better use of her time on my phone than the other games for kids. Im definitely looking into the other learning apps!

Favorite for my daughter

This is the current favorite iPad app in our house. My daughter is 3 1/2, and she has a mild form of autism. It is really nice to see how she loves this app. She wants to play with the aquarium all the time. Alphabet Aquarium is a great app that teaches children shapes of letters. The interface is very simple to use for children. Happy with the purchase.


Could be a little better but not too bad! Very educational. Recommend for young kids.

useful and fun

This is a very useful and important app for my kid. He likes the graphics and the way the app interacts with little minds is outstanding and remarkable. Highly appreciated and recommended for all.

Well done!

Alphabet Aquarium School Vol 1 is the favorite among the many educational games that I have downloaded for my son.He is also so proud when he solves a puzzle.


A good young person learning app, my niece is a bit advanced for it but my nephew is soon going to be perfecta age.


Im a big fan of these early education apps. Most of them are high quality and this is no exception my grand daughter loves the animations of animals.


The app is definitely for educational purposes. It has good graphics and nice overall expirience.

great app

a must have app if u have young children, great way for them to learn


This is is very good game for the kids. Nice visuals and wonderful content at an acceptable price.

Great for kids

My 4 year old loves this app. Seems to make learning fun


Another game app that my niece loves to play. She has fun while learning.

Another one

This is another app thats a great tool to educate your child in a fun way. Nice graphics and colors.

Great app!

This is a great app that teaches letter recognition as well as beginning sounds using words and pictures. This is a great app for early literacy! Some suggestions to add (but its great how it is too) would be after the first puzzle with forming the letters, it can say the "D" makes the "D" (hard to write it, but make the phonic sound) sound. The letters that make more than one sound, you can add that too. At the end, you can add a higher level and have the children find the correct picture out of three to a target letter. Ex. Show the letter "A" with an apple, ball, and dog and they have to match the correct picture.

A is for amazing!

My little cousins loves to play educational games it was a little bit challenging for him in the beginning but now he has the hang of it. Great graphics and tutorial!


Its a good educational app for kids, they can learn a lot. Its very interactive and fun. Graphics are also quite good, but I think they could be even better.

Exorcist bear

The app is awesome, except for the bear. How has nobody commented on the exorcist bear?!? The things head spins all the way around, its super creepy. I had to turn the animal feature off because.... Screw that. Also, the voice is pretty creepy too, but after seeing a cartoon bears head spin all the way upside down, pretty much everything seems scarier. Anyways, please fix the dang bear. Please.

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